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    Fencing durability depends on the type of fencing used and your local climate. Typically, wood lasts for about 14 years while chain link fencing can last for a lifetime.
    Fencing costs depend on the materials used, the amount of fencing required, and customizations. Chain link fencing is typically the most budget-friendly option.
    In most cases, a fence will prevent your dog from escaping. However, it depends on your dog’s size and temperament. Some dogs can jump over fences or dig underneath them. If needed, we can provide additional reinforcements to ensure your dog stays secure in your yard.
    Aside from regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris, most fencing does not require maintenance unless damage occurs. You may want to oil metal fencing gates if they start to squeak.
    Fencing installation times depend on the materials and size of the property. Larger projects with custom designs typically have the longest installation times. Smaller projects with standard materials typically have the shortest installation times. Chain link fencing typically goes up the fastest.